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Strategic Narrative

10X commitment by mobilizing around Shared Purpose.

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Multiplier Summary

Transform audiences into co-creators by creating a powerful story based on Shared Purpose.

By providing a single compelling basis for all forms of communication, Narrative enables your company to stand out from the crowd with authenticity and integrity.

But Narrative is more than just messaging for marketing. By articulating your Shared Purpose, it serves as a North Star that organization and stakeholders can all align on.

Alignment on Shared Purpose is the key to unleashing powerful network effects across your entire ecosystem of stakeholders.

10x effect

10X commitment by mobilizing around Shared Purpose

Big idea

Develop a special kind of story based on Shared Purpose with the power to transform consumers into co-creators

How it works

Narrative tells the story of who you are as a company, where you’ve been and where you are going. It explains why you exist and what makes you unique

Shift thinking from...

Brand story

(based on what you do)

Business-speak, generic, quickly outdated

Shift thinking to...


(based on Shared Purpose)

Direct, passionate, unique, versatile

10x results

Stand out with authenticity and integrity

Create alignment across the organization

Use a single compelling story as the basis for all communications


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Transform audiences into co-creators by creating a powerful story based on Shared Purpose
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