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Set out towards a new era. Launching September 2023.

The “fog of AI” is thick right now. But inaction is not an option—AI is already redefining nearly every part of the economy. By joining our invite-only executive community, you'll be part of a trusted and supportive environment that empowers you to excel in AI leadership, make informed decisions, and drive meaningful AI transformations within your organization. You don't need to be technical—just visionary.

Join our community of leaders today and unlock your full potential by raising your AI fluency. Together, we will shape the future of AI and drive sustainable business success.

Members of the AI Explorer's Forum, you'll have access to a range of valuable resources and opportunities:

Exclusive Community and Networking

Join a private online platform to connect with fellow AI practitioners and business stakeholders. Engage in candid discussions, collaborate on your AI initiatives, and build valuable relationships with peers who understand the challenges and opportunities of AI implementation.

The AI Fluency Guide

Stay at the forefront of AI trends with curated thought leadership content in the AI Fluency Guide. Access an ever-expanding body of original, foundational AI and Digital Fluency content that evolves with your feedback. Enhance your strategic thinking about AI and gain a competitive edge in your organization with distilled mental models and frameworks you can implement immediately.

Live Events, Panels, and Discussion

Participate in webinars hosted by your guide MJ Petroni to learn about AI and its implications for digital transformation and the future of digital economies. Learn from peer experiences, gain real-world perspectives, and acquire practical advice to navigate the complexities of AI adoption and maximize its potential for your organization.

‘Sightings from the Field’

News, white papers, interviews, and more from around the web—annotated by your AI Guide team—which provide deep insights into emerging technologies, best practices, and industry trends. 

VIP Guest Sessions

Advanced membership tiers have access to VIP guest speaker sessions to gain insights from industry-leading executives and practitioners who are implementing AI strategies now.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Exchanges

Engage in peer-to-peer learning exchanges through roundtable discussions, online chat and interactive sessions. Share your challenges, successes, and lessons learned with like-minded executives implementing AI initiatives. Benefit from the collective wisdom, support, and practical insights of a trusted community.

Resource Library

Explore a comprehensive resource library featuring a wealth of articles and templates related to AI implementation, strategy, ethics, and other relevant topics. Access practical resources to deepen your knowledge, find solutions to common challenges, and support the successful execution of your AI initiatives.

On-Demand Text Q&A

Don’t have the answers you need? Members can text any question they want to their guide about core AI concepts and strategy considerations and quickly get a written answer tailored to their specific inquiry. 

1:1 Strategy Coaching Sessions with MJ Petroni

Get on-demand coaching and support specific to the path you and your organization are on, either as quick consultations or deeper AI strategy sessions.


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