AI Accelerator Programs

Make AI real now with education for your teams, creation of use cases, practice and deployment.

Explore the possibilities of AI, set up your initial teams, identify use cases, practice with real tools—and then deploy. Explore generative AI tools like ChatGPT along with other automation and augmentation strategies in this immersive program combining educational content, coaching and practical work for you and your colleagues.

Hosted by visionary leaders in your organization, the AI Accelerator Program is designed for fast-moving teams who are also mindful of purpose, focus, ethics and scalability.

Whether you are starting with a blank slate, have a few ideas or are looking to scale your AI initiatives, this program will help update mindsets and get you into action.

  • Raise AI fluency: introduce shared language and mental models amongst the group
  • Identify “directionality” for key areas of AI strategy even though final destinations are unclear
  • Understand the impact of AI, especially generative AI, on your clients, industry, and society at large 
  • Launch a “version one” internal strategy, including AI opportunities and risks to the current business
  • Co-create an “AI Pipeline” of AI use cases and integration tools for the team to prioritize and execute against 
  • Lay out top-level ethical and operational guidelines/principles for AI in your work
  • Practice actual use of generative AI (and other AI/automation/augmentation tools)
  • Integrate key use cases into everyday workflows

AI Accelerator Programs include:

A Tailored Program For Your Team

Based on your team's needs, available tools, passions and business objectives, your AI Accelerator Program will be customized for your needs. Programs can be intensive multi-day sessions or spread over several months.

Live Events, Panels, and Discussion

Participate in webinars hosted by your guide MJ Petroni to learn about AI and its implications for digital transformation and the future of digital economies. Learn from peer experiences, gain real-world perspectives, and acquire practical advice to navigate the complexities of AI adoption and maximize its potential for your organization.

The AI Fluency Guide

Stay at the forefront of AI trends with curated thought leadership content in the AI Fluency Guide. Access an ever-expanding body of original, foundational AI and Digital Fluency content that evolves with your feedback. Enhance your strategic thinking about AI and gain a competitive edge in your organization with distilled mental models and frameworks you can implement immediately.

‘Sightings from the Field’

News, white papers, interviews, and more from around the web—annotated by your AI Guide team—which provide deep insights into emerging technologies, best practices, and industry trends. 

Training and Practice Sessions with MJ Petroni

Get on-demand coaching and support specific to the path you and your organization are on,  both as quick consultations and deeper AI strategy sessions.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Engage in peer-to-peer learning exchanges through roundtable discussions, asynchronous chat and interactive sessions.

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Executive Coaching

Level up not just your functional skills, but new ways of leading. Work with an executive coach to learn how to discuss the many possibilities and implications of AI—including jobs, budgets and buisiness model implications.

On-Demand Text Q&A

Don’t have the answers you need? Members can text any question they want to their guide about core AI concepts and strategy considerations and quickly get a written answer tailored to their specific inquiry. 

Resource Library

Explore a comprehensive resource library featuring a wealth of articles and templates related to AI implementation, strategy, ethics, and other relevant topics. Access practical resources to deepen your knowledge, find solutions to common challenges, and support the successful execution of your AI initiatives.