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10x agility by empowering decisions aligned with purpose.

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Multiplier Summary

Develop principles for empowered decision-making across networked organizations.

Decision Principles provide guidance for moments when it’s impossible to say in advance which way to go.

With Decision Principles, leaders can let go without losing control and add structure without losing speed. ‍

It works for birds, fish, and soldiers. Maybe it’s time to give it a try for companies too.

10x effect

10x agility by empowering decisions aligned with purpose

Big idea

Develop principles to empower networked decision-making and fulfill Shared Purpose

How it works

Instead of deciding for or delegating to teams, leaders create and evolve Decision Principles with them

Shift thinking from...

Hierarchical decision-making

Managing with plans and process

Shift thinking to...

Networked decision-making

Multiplying with purpose and principles

10x results

Achieve aligned autonomy throughout the organization

Adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances

Better morale through empowerment


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Develop principles for empowered decision-making across networked organizations
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