The Digital Fluency Guide helps you improve your Digital Fluency—going beyond technical phrases to a deeper understanding of the underlying thinking, data, business models, tools, and skills of the Digital Age.

Digital leaders and teams are fluent in five key pillars:


The mental models of the 20th century won’t allow us to see the future clearly. We need to upgrade our thinking in order to realize the opportunities of the digital age.

Data & AI

In order to create digital value, we have to understand how data is structured, how it moves from system to system, and how it can be monetized in an ethical way.

Business Models

Digital business models and value propositions require new thinking about who creates value and how it is delivered.


Selecting and implementing tools for digital value creation is not as easy as it may seem. The right tool can save a lot of work—while the wrong tool can distract you from your goals.


A new set of skills is required for digital value to be created. Technical, intellectual, interpersonal and leadership skills need to be acquired and evolved.

The Digital Fluency Guide is for leaders who are open to new ways of thinking that put the chaotic swirl of modern innovation in context.

Those who want to understand change in terms of shifts occurring over decades, long beyond the horizons of trend reports and five-year strategic plans.

Those steady in purpose and values, but increasingly agile in evolving ahead of the rapidly changing world.

Those who want to create and enjoy the future, not just survive it.

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The Digital Fluency Guide is provided by Causeit, Inc, with content efforts led by MJ Petroni and a skilled team of facilitators, subject matter experts, and designers focused on bringing complex, technology-backed ideas to life. Causeit helps leaders and teams shift from reaction to innovation—bringing new digital opportunities into the heart of your strategic vision. Causeit is a futurist think tank and platform builder that works with global leaders who are making a difference in the world. We catalyze transformation by helping you learn and apply new ways of thinking about the future, technology, your industry, and your organization.

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