AI & Digital Fluency Programs

Upgrade to the thinking, data, business models, tools, and skills of the AI Era.

Digital transformation has created a world where businesses must test new, exponential strategies while keeping the lights on with incremental business functions. How can we balance the old with the new and choose the path to modernization that is right for us? To be prepared to lead our companies into the future, we need to increase our AI Fluency.

What is AI & Digital Fluency?

AI & Digital Fluency is the shared understanding of five key areas necessary for digital transformation in the AI era:


The mental models of the 20th century won’t allow us to see the future clearly. We need to upgrade our thinking in order to realize the opportunities of the digital age.

AI & Data

In order to create digital value, we have to understand how data is structured, how it moves from system to system, how AI can analyze it and generate it, and how it can be monetized in an ethical way.

Business Models

AI & digital business models and value propositions require new thinking about who creates value and how it is delivered.


Today's tools are more like machine coworkers—and selecting them is as important as hiring the right person. A great tool can save tons of work—while the wrong one can distract you from your goals.


A new set of skills is required for to steer AI and create digital value. Technical, intellectual, and interpersonal skills need to be acquired and evolved for an era of networked leadership.

AI & Digital Fluency: A Unique Approach

Most approaches to ‘going digital’ focus on only one or two elements of the larger equation of Digital Fluency. Maybe you’ll learn about different tools that are available or get a briefing on terminology, or add ChatGPT to a few worklfows. But just like learning a few phrases in a foreign language while you are away on vacation is not the same as being able to have a conversation, adding a few buzz-y tech terms or purchasing a few licenses for new software will not transform your business.

Fluency requires deeper understanding. It includes not only skills and knowledge but also culture, ways of thinking, and a lot of practice. What makes our approach unique is that we bridge the gaps between human and technological elements of change. We decode the technical elements to help business leaders understand their tech counterparts. And we help IT leaders understand the changing world their business counterparts are facing by connecting the dots between emerging technologies and their impact on markets and organizations.

In-Person and Online Instruction

Causeit keynotes and webinars spark unlearning, impart knowledge and reveal new possibilities you can apply right away.

Sessions are designed with rich visuals and well-trained presenters. Cutting-edge virtual spaces can create an engaging digital experience, or in-person programs can bring additional warmth and connection.

The Digital Fluency Guide

Stay at the forefront of AI trends with curated thought leadership content in the Digital Fluency Guide. Access an ever-expanding body of original, foundational AI and Digital Fluency content that evolves with your feedback. Enhance your strategic thinking about AI and gain a competitive edge in your organization with distilled mental models and frameworks you can implement immediately.

Live Events, Panels, and Discussion

Participate in webinars hosted by your guide MJ Petroni to learn about AI and its implications for digital transformation and the future of digital economies. Learn from peer experiences, gain real-world perspectives, and acquire practical advice to navigate the complexities of AI adoption and maximize its potential for your organization.

‘Sightings from the Field’

News, white papers, interviews, and more from around the web—annotated by your AI & Digital Fluency Guide team—which provide deep insights into emerging technologies, best practices, and industry trends. 

Treks, Expeditions and Journeys

Content from our Field Guide, interactive online sessions, and asynchronous hosted discussions are just some of the tools we combine to support teams for an extended experience.

All of our paths are designed and adapted for your specific situation, from treks of a few weeks to multi-month expeditions or journeys of a year or more.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

AI & Digital Fluency programs are designed to engage participants in peer-to-peer learning exchanges through roundtable discussions, online chat and interactive sessions. Workbooks, templates and discussion guides are available for all content.

Resource Library

Explore a comprehensive resource library featuring a wealth of articles and templates related to digital and AI implementation, strategy, ethics, and other relevant topics. Access practical resources to deepen your knowledge, find solutions to common challenges, and support the successful execution of your AI initiatives.

On-Demand Text Q&A

Don’t have the answers you need? VIP participants can text any question they want to their guide about core AI and Digital Fluency concepts to quickly find answers tailored to their specific inquiry.

Coaching & Thought Partnership

Bring us in to join your teams in key discussions to spark new thinking and un-stick stuck problems. With decades of experience transforming organizations at the intersection of humans and tech, Causeit can help you imagine new possibilities, prioritize strategies and manage risk.


I’ve been working with MJ for the last 5+ years to increase the Digital Fluency of both the business and technologists at my firm. MJ’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge—in conjunction with an ability to generate compelling and engaging content—has been critical to the success of our efforts. Integrating Digital Fluency into our overall Digital journey has supercharged many of our projects by creating a common lexicon and enabling the organisation to think more about what new technologies can do for an investment bank.

MJ has also been instrumental in developing the strategy for success surrounding our Digital Fluency efforts, including the mechanisms to identify and invest in new ideas. Our co-created process for entrepreneurship has led to real revenue impact for our business.

—Paul Singleton, Head of Global Markets Technology & Innovation Strategy, Credit Suisse/UBS

How to Get Started

Most teams start with an Introduction to Digital Fluency to introduce the language, tech, and mental models you need to begin your digital journey. This session gives immediate value with new language and the ‘big picture’ of digital transformation, and has follow-on content to support individuals in creating a digital fluency roadmap for themselves. Contact us to book a session.

Keynotes & Webinars to Catalyze New Thinking

Ready to get specific? Causeit offers over 70 webinar topics, organized across the five pillars of AI & Digital Fluency and cross-referenced with our on-demand content.

Program Design

If your firm is ready to co-create a program or is requesting a proposal, please reach out to us in the chat window on this page or on our contact form.


What kind of organizations is this designed for?

Causeit’s Digital Fluency programs are optimized for companies who are committed to being digital organizations but haven’t gotten there yet. Our perspective and experiences have made an impact at many large organizations whose industries are going digital, including but not limited to finance, telecom, media, and automakers. We have also worked with fully digital companies to integrate Digital Fluency into new team member training, executive education, briefing centers, sales enablement, and customer success.

Who should participate in the program?

Digital Champions: Business leaders who bring resources and remit. Digital Fluency helps them lead, prioritize, delegate, and create accountability.

Digital Explorers: Those who discover new opportunities and share new models of value creation. Digital Fluency helps them map new opportunities to the existing business, create cases for action, and collaborate effectively with technologists.

Digital Makers: Those with the technical know-how to make prototypes. Digital Fluency helps them understand user and business needs, request and prioritize resources effectively, and partner with others in the organization.

What’s Causeit’s business model? What are your incentives?

Causeit is unusual; our incentives are not focused on selling management consulting, specific technologies or ‘time-for-money’ services, but instead on expanding the reach of our Digital Fluency content and conversations in the world. We believe that purposeful digital transformation is a powerful way to address many key social issues.

We get paid for a combination of content licensure and capability-building programs that encourage all parties to lessen dependence on professional services over time.

How is Digital Fluency measured? How do we know we are successful?

There are both qualitative and quantitative measures of Digital Fluency’s success:

• Participation in AI & Digital Fluency discussions, live (webinars and other events) or asynchronous (such as intranet social channels)

• Assessments

• Stakeholder interviews before, during, and after programs

• Successful completion of learning paths

• Opt-in and participation in Champion, Explorer and Maker groups

• Increase in application of digital concepts in business discussions and creation of new AI use cases

• Digital Fluency capability-building in key areas (such as L&D, IT, Support and Customer Success/Sales Enablement teams)

What supports success? Who should sponsor Digital Fluency in my company?

We meet you wherever you are, from the early days of developing new technologies, to maturing your digital offerings in the market. Our most successful programs are in organizations with incentives to encourage digital fluency and exponential innovation.

The higher the executive sponsorship level is, the broader the program can be. Typically, our sponsors are CxOs, like CEOs, Managing Directors, CTOs, CIOs, Chief Digital Officers or CHROs. We often partner closely with Learning & Development, Sales Enablement and technical teams.

What languages is the content in? Is it accessible?

All of our on-demand written content is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Core content is professionally translated, while newer content may be machine-translated with high-end systems. On-demand videos have professional English subtitles and some tracks also have other professional subtitles. Machine translation is supported through accurate transcripts.

Video content is mirrored in written content and vice-versa, with human-written alt-text and other accessibility measures.