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May 30, 2024

IAB México Conecta 2024 (AI Keynote)

Advertising, Content and Communication in the AI Era

Join us at the 2024 International Advertising Bureau's Conecta conference, where MJ Petroni will  speak about the possibilities—and perils—of AI for the advertising, marketing and brand world. Learn how generative AI will affect not just our workflows (and jobs) but also the fundamental nature of our relationship to technology, content and co-creation. Then consider "AI on Monday"—practical considerations for executives and creatives in their AI strategy.

May 30, 2024
Date to be announced soon.
8:00 am
7:00 pm
Central Time
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Centro CitiBanamex, Mexico City, Mexico
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MJ Petroni

CEO and Cyborg Anthropologist

Causeit, Inc.

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IAB México

Free to the Public
October 26, 2023

Become an AI Explorer in an Uncharted World

You can set direction even if your destinations aren't clear yet.

In this session, we'll explore what it means to be an AI Explorer—shaping the future of AI, pivoting your career, and driving sustainable business success.

  • Understand how to set direction for yourself and your team—even when a clear destination can't be seen yet
  • Learn how to quickly synchronize your thinking with your colleagues by creating powerful thought partnerships
  • Distinguish between hype and reality in AI claims
  • Discuss how to set expectations—and measure success—for both incremental and exponential gains in AI
Free to the Public
November 28, 2023

AI in Health: Inclusion, Opportunities and Harm Reduction

From hospital-at-home and virtual care programs to transparent pricing and data-driven business strategies, digital technologies are changing how the industry works. Join healthtech innovator Gabrielle Mirsaidi (of, and previously at Epic) and MJ Petroni as they dive into the future of health & AI. At Vital, Gabrielle uses AI to vastly improve the patient experience in US emergency rooms, explaining the process and jargon to the rest of us in real-time—improving patient outcomes and experience. 

To ensure continued success in our always-connected future, organizations in the health sector must upgrade their thinking as well as their equipment—and now integrate "thinking machines." We'll talk about how to start with lessons applicable to every industry.

Free to the Public
December 13, 2023

24 minutes on what to put in your AI budget for '24

The clock is ticking on next year's plans—so what should you be preparing for?

Whether your budget for '24 is set or not, it's worth joining this vibrant discussion on AI transformation with MJ Petroni and Pam Cytron. AI takes a blend of both tech and teams—a balancing act MJ helps organizations large and small with. Pam will bring the tough talk from her veteran fintech/wealthtech background (and current role as President of the Founder's Arena) as we help you quickly sync up your big plans with those pesky line items.

Leave with clarity on categories you should budget for, including: 

  • Foundational models and tools
  • Data supply chain modernization
  • AI and Digital Fluency
  • Tech debt (to get prepared for AI integrations)