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Digital Fluency in Healthcare, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Smart wearables, implants, nanotech, and robotics will take us even further, with the potential to realize a truly personalized, patient-centered experience based on the same values of care and trust we prize today.

What does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) mean?

Concept: Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Go Back to Glossary. Select any number of buttons on the left to see varieties of data sources available for analysis. Definition. Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Digital Healthcare Sightings from the Field (examples)

Digital Healthcare. Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348. Contact Us. All content ©2011–2024 Causeit, Inc. or under authorization from third parties. All rights reserved, including copying, printing and repurposing of written,

What does Technological Unemployment mean?

"I am experiencing technological unemployment—my editing job was replaced by text synthesis tools like ChatGPT and robotic process automation.". Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

Machine Coworkers, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Would it mean robots taking over jobs and artificial intelligence making cold, calculated decisions? The reality could be a lot more human-friendly: digital tools that support, rather than replace, their squishy biological colleagues.

Will Generative AI Help or Hurt Jobs | Digital Fluency Guide

Robotics came to auto manufacturing over decades.

Introduction to Digital Fluency | Digital Fluency Guidebook

Most people couldn’t foresee what paradigms the internet makes possible today (like social networks, massive multiplayer gaming and remote robotic surgery, to name but a few) until a critical mass of people—from many disciplines—became fluent in how it worked