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Your symptom checker. Medical app for online self-diagnosis.
MJ Petroni

Symptomate is a patient-facing diagnostic tool (similar to WebMD and other well-known sites). It's included here to show how simple logic and simple UX can be used to quickly aid in patient self-triage.

HudsonAlpha — Causeit, Inc.
Though genomic testing is generally thought of as useful for screening (eg, cancer risk) or ancestry
"Causeit, Inc."
MJ Petroni

Genomic sequencing and analysis is a healthcare technological innovation that is loaded with promise, as well as concern around moral and ethical consequences of genomic data and the many competing incentives for its use—such as insurers and patients.

Da Vinci Robot | Robotic Assisted Systems | Intuitive
Garrett Pepper

What if you went for a surgical consultation and learned your surgeon was, at least in part, a highly skilled robot? Da Vinci Surgical Systems is providing the technology to revolutionize the operating room by pairing humans and machines.

Catherine Mohr and Sabrina Asturias Discuss the Future of Surgical Care at Solve at MIT - YouTube
MIT Solve
MJ Petroni

The case for robotic surgery and the future of surgery is explained by Catherine Mohr, President of the Intuitive Foundation

Inside the metaverse meetups that let people share on death, grief, and pain | MIT Technology Review
"Welcome to “Death Q&A,” a space with a unique combination of anonymity and togetherness, where avatars discuss what weighs on them most heavily."
MIT Technology Review
MJ Petroni

Death and grieving are thorny topics that are difficult for many people to process, especially in the frenetic age of social media and compounding economy- and pandemic-related stress. However, in the midst of this chaos, a new venue for coming together, metaverse technologies have given people a new place to come together and process grief—even if they can't leave their beds.

Amazon Launches $5-a-Month Prescription Drug Plan in Further Healthcare Push - WSJ
Amazon Launches $5-a-Month Prescription Drug Plan in Further Healthcare Push The new Prime membership benefit, dubbed RxPass, will offer unlimited access to commonly prescribed generic medications
The Wall Street Journal
MJ Petroni

Amazon is promising to add value for its customers by offering cheap and easy access to commonly prescribed medications as a benefit of Prime Membership (50 or so generic medications are available for a flat $5/month). What will the implications be? This kind of program may just be a loss-leader attracting people to the Amazon Pharmacy/PillPack offerings, but it also could be the beginning of a larger attempt to disrupt the US pharma industry.

CaringBridge — Causeit, Inc.
CaringBridge is a simple community site designed to give people experiencing a health crisis a central place to inform family and friends about what is going on and coordinate community care (think dropping off casseroles and giving rides to the doctor). Importantly, the site also serves the needs of caregivers, especially primary caregivers like spouses or a child’s parents, as they try to coordinate charitable offers of help with the complex realities of serious healthcare. The site was started when the founder, Sona Mehring, used her background in software to help friends share information about their premature baby. CaringBridge focuses primarily on basic community functions and some simple onboarding. But it perhaps has struggled to raise its profile because its business model is not clear and it is not sufficiently distinct from the existing hodgepodge of social media sites, direct messaging and calendaring apps, apart from being ad-free. A huge opportunity exists to connect CaringBridge or functions like it with larger patient bases so that doctors become more familiar with it and integrate it with professional caregiving efforts. Right now, the use case remains focused on a specific portion of a larger care plan—the lay caregiver. While important, it may not be as powerful as it could be with deeper integrations.
"Causeit, Inc."
MJ Petroni

CaringBridge, a peer-to-peer social network, helps families and friends gather around loved ones in need to help them coordinate both professional and familial care, raise funds and share updates with each other.

Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative Is The Ultimate Big-Data Project
especially now that doing a full genetic sequencing of every patient is becoming affordable and more prevalent.
Fast Company
Garrett Pepper

Precision medicine and genome sequencing have massive potential to revolutionize health and medicine—but are only as good as our data capabilities. This slightly older article is still relevant—It articulates the complexity and importance of managing data in medical innovation.

Relational Agent for Mental Health | Woebot Health
Garrett Pepper

Woebot Health has created an AI chatbot that applies a combination of clinically tested psychological techniques alongside AI and NLP technologies—aiming to challenge users' thinking and assist them in shifting their mindsets for the better.

A bionic pancreas could solve one of the biggest challenges of diabetes | MIT Technology Review
A bionic pancreas could solve one of the biggest challenges of diabetes The device uses an algorithm to calculate a meal’s carbohydrates, then automatically releases insulin, taking those burdens off the patient.
MIT Technology Review
Garrett Pepper

A new device, the "iLet," is a diabetes-focused implant that uses sensors and algorithms to compute the exact amount of insulin to release into the bloodstream—removing the burdensome (and sometimes impossible) task of requiring patients to compute the carbohydrate content of their meals.

Algorithms Are Making Decisions About Health Care, Which May Only Worsen Medical Racism | News & Commentary | American Civil Liberties Union
Algorithms Are Making Decisions About Health Care, Which May Only Worsen Medical Racism Unclear regulation and a lack of transparency increase the risk that AI and algorithmic tools that exacerbate racial biases will be used in medical settings.
MJ Petroni

Algorithmic decision-making in healthcare settings promises to provide better, more equitable and efficient care—but can only do so if we shift mindsets and provide good data into those systems. The qqual rights watchdog American Civil Liberties Union lays out the risks of both action and inaction.

Google and Off Launch Mosquito Forecast Tool - CNET
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Want to go to the river, but unsure if you'll be swarmed by a cloud of mosquitos? Fear not, friend—data scientists and the bug repellant brand Off have come together to provide a tool that predicts mosquito populations via machine algorithm and live weather data.

This Company is Fast Becoming the Warby Parker of Scrubs - WSJ
Figs’ slick, brightly lit approach to branding and marketing their scrubs has more in common with fashion brands than it does other medical apparel companies.
The Wall Street Journal
Garrett Pepper

Figs captured the attention of the healthcare industry by offering scrubs as a lifestyle brand with more in common with fashion than with stiff and scratchy uniforms. Figs see the value in self-expression and empower their customers to be "Awesome Humans" who take pride in their profession and appearance.

Dear Apple [Apple Watch]
MJ Petroni

This "Dear Apple" video shows real users of the Apple Watch who have written to Apple to share how the device has changed their lives. Each user had a positive experience based on little data—the data about them as an individual. Watch it to experience what little data feels like versus the more generic strategies of big data.

It’s Hard for Doctors to Unlearn Things. That’s Costly for All of Us.
Procedures live on even after they’ve been proved ineffective. It can lead to harms and wasted resources.
The New York Times
MJ Petroni

Procedures live on even after they’ve been proved ineffective. It can lead to harms and wasted resources. This piece unpacks what it means to unlearn stuck ways of operating amongst professionals used to being the 'smartest ones in the room.'