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What does Digital vs. Analog mean?

Analog. Go Back to Glossary. Digital vs. Analog. Analog: 1) the use of signals or information represented by a variable physical quantity, like position, voltage, or wave frequency; 2) a contrast or predecessor to the use of digital computer technologies.

Digital Fluency as an Exponential Multiplier | Digital Fluency Guidebook

The following is a description of organizations along a scale from 1X digital scale to 10X. 1x: Analog. Organizations at the 1X scale have very little digital leverage.

Shifting Our Thinking For Remote Work | Rethinking Remote Guidebook

From Analog to Digital: Four Stages of Thinking About Workplaces. Let's explore four models, or stages, of thinking about where work and collaboration occur. In analog companies, the workplace is physical and it may not even be possible to work remotely.

What does Extended Reality (XR) mean?

Extended Reality or XR is an umbrella term for any technology that blends the digital world with the analog physical world.

Designing Digital Value Propositions

While there may not be a rigid business definition of what makes something 'digital,' digital value propositions leverage some form of exponential technology to offer speed, scale, or ease which is not possible with an analog value proposition.

The Power of Platforms | Platforms Guidebook

Network effects can drive exponential growth in any industry across both analog and digital environments. Platforms disrupt industries. Companies driving disruption in their industries have embraced platforms as a technology, business model and mindset.

Digital Business Models

Business models of the analog era are still going strong—creating value with things (or assets) and people (or services).

Creating a Digital Narrative, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

A Digital Narrative helps us connect our analog mindsets, organizational DNA, and skills to our digital future—in a way that feels authentic and achievable for ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers. Learning Outcomes.

How Digital Business Models Work, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Business models of the analog era are still going strong, creating value with things (or assets) and people (or services).

Value Models

Even if we know the basics of. business models. , it may be hard to distinguish between analog and 'digital' versions. When people refer to 'digital businesses,' they are often referring to new value models more than specific uses of technology.