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Virtual Worlds: AR, VR and Metaverse

Virtual Worlds: AR, VR and Metaverse. Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348. Contact Us. All content ©2011–2024 Causeit, Inc. or under authorization from third parties.

VR, AR and the Metaverse, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

VR, AR and the Metaverse. New paradigms for where and how to play, work, collaborate and create. Description.

Digital Healthcare Sightings from the Field (examples)

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What does Augmented Reality mean?

AR can be accessed by using smartphones or visual interfaces like Google Glass and/or visors. "Ikea offers an augmented reality tool to see how furniture will look in your own house.". Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

What does Metaverse mean?

The metaverse is accessed through the use of VR, AR and MR tech. “Acura established the first virtual showroom in the metaverse for cars, and an accompanying NFT.”. Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

Digital Fluency in Healthcare, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

From hospital-at-home and virtual care programs to transparent pricing and data-driven business strategies, digital technologies are changing how the industry works.