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AI Accelerator Program

AI Accelerator Programs. Make AI real. now. with education for your teams, creation of use cases, practice and deployment. Explore the possibilities of AI, set up your initial teams, identify use cases, practice with real tools—and then deploy.

AI Explorer's Forum

AI Explorer's Forum. Set out towards a new era. Launching September 2023. The “fog of AI” is thick right now. But inaction is not an option—AI is already redefining nearly every part of the economy.

What does Wide AI mean?

Glossary Entry: Wide AI. Go Back to Glossary. Wide AI. Another term for broadly-applicable general AI, or sometimes artificial general intelligence (AGI). Contrasts to narrow AI, which is purpose-specific.

What does AI Anxiety mean?

Glossary Entry: AI Anxiety. Go Back to Glossary. AI Anxiety. Concern about the future impact of artificial intelligence, such as changes to or loss of jobs, safety, ethics, creativity, law, bias, or surveillance.

AI & Digital Fluency for Enterprises

AI & Digital Fluency Programs. Upgrade to the thinking, data, business models, tools, and skills of the AI Era.

The AI & Digital Fluency Guide

AI & Digital Fluency. New mindshifts for exponential success in the Digital Age. Introduction to Digital Fluency. Upgrade to the thinking, data, business models, tools and skills of the Digital Era. Read the Guidebook. Thinking.

What does Conversational AI mean?

Glossary Entry: Conversational AI. Go Back to Glossary. Conversational AI. AIs designed to create human-like interaction via chat or voice dialog using natural language processing and language learning models like GPT.

What does Edge AI mean?

Glossary Entry: Edge AI. Go Back to Glossary. Edge AI. Artificial intelligence systems which run partially or fully near the sensors or end devices users interact with rather than solely on central servers.

What does Narrow AI mean?

Glossary Entry: Narrow AI. Go Back to Glossary. Narrow AI. Narrow AIs are focused on a particular area of expertise or limited scope. Other terms for narrow AI are 'artificial narrow intelligence' or 'weak AI.'.

What does Generative AI mean?

Glossary Entry: Generative AI. Go Back to Glossary. Generative AI. Artificial intelligence models that synthesize new data (like text, music, video or images) based on patterns from existing datasets.