AI Fluency for Leaders: Generative AI Foundations & Strategy

Making AI understandable—and actionable. Course begins May 2024.

Forward-thinking leaders need to understand the impact and possibilities of generative AI—and set a clear direction even when an exact destination isn't clear yet. To accelerate an AI journey, we have to adopt new mindsets, see AI’s impacts on markets and society, practice with real AI tools, and de-mystify the underlying technologies.

This executive education course is designed to empower non-technical participants to take mindful action with AI initiatives while building practical skills to reality-check new projects.

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It’s not enough to know a few cool prompts for ChatGPT—leaders today need to have a comprehensive understanding of generative AI tools and other forms of ‘machine coworkers.’ Focused on meeting the needs for ‘just in time’ education by executives and other leaders, this course will introduce AI modules under a simple and cohesive framework for digital transformation and AI readiness based in the experience and synthesis of a lead educator, Causeit Inc.’s CEO MJ Petroni, author of the AI & Digital Fluency Guide.

Unlike many ‘free’ AI courses from AI companies like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft or scattered videos, this fact-checked educational offering will be platform-agnostic, focused on transformation for existing businesses, and connected to a broader, comprehensive framework for digital transformation. 

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How to Think About Generative AI

Unlock the strategic potential of generative AI by exploring augmentation vs automation mindsets, unlearning, and exponential journeys in businesses.

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How Generative AI Works

Dive into the inner workings of generative AI, from large language models and vectors to diffusion, GANs, and text-based models.

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How Analytical AI Works

Gain a comprehensive understanding of analytical AI, including expert systems, predictive analytics, machine learning, and deep learning.

Social Impact of Generative AI

Explore the profound social implications of generative AI, from authenticity and deepfakes to the erasure of certain jobs and the impact on economies.

AI in Latin America

Discover the current landscape of AI in Latin America, including its adoption, challenges, and opportunities for innovation.

AI Ethics & Steering: Getting the Results You Want

Navigate the ethical challenges of AI and learn how to steer AI systems to achieve desired outcomes while minimizing bias and ensuring fairness.

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Generative AI: Creating Your Perfect Assistant

Harness the power of generative AI to create your own personalized AI assistant, tailored to your needs and preferences.

Generative AI at Work: Machine Coworkers

Understand the rise of machine coworkers and design use cases to understand how they can augment human capabilities, leading to new opportunities and challenges in the workplace.

Assessing & Integrating Generative AI Tools

Learn how to evaluate and select the right generative AI tools for your organization, considering factors like scalability, compatibility, and ethics.

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Careers, Jobs and Generative AI

Explore the evolving landscape of careers and jobs in the age of generative AI, and understand the skills and roles that will be in demand.

What Businesses Need to Truly Leverage AI

Uncover the key elements that businesses need to effectively leverage AI, including digital fluency, data capabilities, new value models, and networked leadership.

AI’s Impact on Business Models and Markets

Explore the transformative impact of generative AI on key business models, industries, and markets, and understand the opportunities and challenges it presents.

How to Use Generative AI (Business Prompt Design)

Master the art of designing effective prompts for generative AI, and learn how to leverage its capabilities to solve complex business problems and generate valuable insights.

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Course Experience and Components

Live Sessions, Panels, and Discussion

Live online class and discussion sessions with peers and the professor. These classes are also recorded and transcribed for access later in the course.

The AI Fluency Guide

Stay at the forefront of AI trends with curated thought leadership content in the AI Fluency Guide for the duration of your course. Access an ever-expanding body of original, foundational AI and Digital Fluency content that evolves with the community's feedback (including your fellow students). Enhance your strategic thinking about AI and gain a competitive edge in your organization with distilled mental models and frameworks you can implement immediately.

Peer Community for Social Learning

Engage in peer-to-peer learning exchanges through roundtable discussions, online chat/forum , and in interactive sessions. Share your challenges, successes, and lessons learned with like-minded executives implementing AI initiatives. Benefit from the collective wisdom, support, and practical insights of a trusted community.

‘Sightings from the Field’

News, white papers, interviews, and more from around the web—annotated by your AI Guide team—which provide deep insights into emerging technologies, best practices, and industry trends. 

On-Demand Text Q&A

Don’t have the answers you need? Members can text any question they want to their guide about core AI concepts and strategy considerations and quickly get a written answer tailored to their specific inquiry.

Online curriculum materials included

Video, audio and written curriculum is available on the class website without additional purchases or ads.

Registration, Format and Details

Practical Work & Individual AI Workflow Project

Students will receive assignments and coaching for hands-on interaction with generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Gemini. Throughout the course, students build upon prior practice and assignments to end up with a practical AI workflow which they could apply to work inside their jobs.

Student Profile

The course is optimized for cross-functional leaders: 

  • Mid- to upper-level managers/director (Eg Directors, Partners, VP, SVP, CxO, Managing Directors)
  • Businesses with a significant portion of knowledge workers (such as professional services, banks, administration of large holding companies, media, law, government, etc)

Class times

Class days and times are not yet announced, but will take place towards the end of the workday, Central Time.


The course will be offered in English in a blend of formats designed for flexibility and practice: 

  • Live class time
  • On-demand video and written content (hosted in a special area of the Digital Fluency Guide website)
  • Office hours
  • Live time with a trained mentor
  • Participation in a chat/forum with other students and the professor
  • A functional AI workflow project, which will be advanced with each week’s activities and briefly presented to the class.   
  • A total time commitment of 60-80 hours over the duration of the course, of which approximately 30 hours will be scheduled at specific times. 80% attendance of in-person sessions is required to earn a completion of the course, as well as completion of required coursework.
  • Completion will earn [[]] CEUs

Textbooks/curriculum to purchase

  • A subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required
  • All other curriculum is either included with the course or available on the web (such as news articles)

Technical requirements

  • A modern operating system and web browser (Minimum: Mac OS, Windows 10 or Chrome OS/Chromebook with current support; Chrome web browser required on all platforms)
  • Unrestricted web access (eg, ability to access ChatGPT, Google, and other tools without firewall issues)
  • An Google/Gmail account (an unrestricted, standard personal account to be used for secure single-sign-on logins and ability to use Google Docs, etc)

For live classes:

  • Sufficient bandwidth for viewing and sending screen-sharing
  • Ability to use Zoom video conferencing
  • A relatively quiet and focused workspace
  • Clear audio and video connections (eg, mid-grade or higher webcam and microphone)


  • Business-level spoken and written English fluency (sufficient to write basic essays and, importantly, English-language prompts to AI tools).
  • Basic business fluency (eg, understanding how a mid- to large-size business model functions)
  • Moderate skill with web/cloud-based tools, such as the use of Google Docs and its live collaboration functions, chatbots, and presentation software). No coding, advanced technical skills or other specialized technology knowledge is required to participate in the course.

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