As we push for that change, brands have the power to not just play a role in the cultural conversation, but to help shape it.
Jessica Long

Forbes highlights a trend in gender-targeted brands that are aligning with  socio-cultural conversations relevant to their customers. Especially appreciated this quote from a marketing executive:  “Brands must first look at their mission statement and ethos to ensure that the messaging they want to deploy aligns with their core. Consumers can sense when something isn’t authentic and it will instantly set up the brand for unwanted backlash.”

The Taycan will be the first fully-electric Porsche - and just as soulful as the music on this playlist.
Apple Music
Jessica Long

"All Porsche models have something in common: They have a soul. A certain feeling you get as a driver as soon as you get behind the wheel." Porsche knows that music is a major factor in shaping that "certain feeling," so they leveraged a partnership with Apple Music in a playlist representing their new electric vehicle the Taycan. Smart move in giving a digital vibe to this new-tech vehicle, while also adding to the ongoing experience of the brand as atmosphere.

There’s a reason video games are such fertile ground for white nationalist recruitment.
The New York Times
Jessica Long

Dangerous or negative things can occur in an ORBIT too. Shared interests often come with other shared traits or demographics, which can make customer communities a prime target for third party manipulation. Brands and products which are fostering peer to peer co-creation and communication should be aware of how those communities may be exploited. The challenge: finding the right balance of empowering customers to freely connect and managing peer-to-peer spaces as a reflection of your brand's Shared Purpose and values.

We were living a meme, one that as far as I can tell started just shortly before it swept us up in its B6 Self-Serve Blender-like force.
Jessica Long

Convenience stores + DIY food prep + social media = milkshakes as social currency. Imagine all the free marketing Chevron and F'Real are getting from this. What's the key? Customers become co-creators by making the shakes themselves, which makes stopping at a gas station into a shareable event.

The results are surprising.
Jessica Long

Interesting use of mobile and AI to enhance a brand ORBIT around a shared purpose with little data

With a Total Tech Support plan, we'll support your tech, no matter where you purchased it. Visit the member dashboard to get help in store, over the phone and 24/7 online.
Jessica Long

The long term relationship between tech users and sellers includes more interactions related to usage and repair than new purchases. Pulling more of those interactions into their ORBIT—regardless of where the products were purchased—is a smart move.

Instead of money, waiters in Japan receive origami as tips.
My Modern Met
Jessica Long

Great example of an activity that happens in the relationship between customer and company, but is totally unrelated to the purchase or use of the product. You don't have to make origami out of the chopstick paper to enjoy eating at a sushi restaurant... but the paper's there so why not add a little value and meaning to the experience? And wouldn't it be cool if brands co-created this with customers by printing chopstick sleeves with patterns intended for origami? I noticed some customers have already come up with designs which use the pattern on the paper in creative ways.

Personalized content is becoming more popular in the marketing scene. What has your company done in that context?
Jessica Long

Personalization has been a buzzword in product innovation and marketing for years, but many brands are challenged to find ways to personalize that are efficient, relevant, and valuable. Adidas succeeded in finding that balance—leveraging cutting edge tech just enough to create valuable personal take-aways for this shared physical experience.

Google and Off Launch Mosquito Forecast Tool - CNET
Garrett Pepper

Want to go to the river, but unsure if you'll be swarmed by a cloud of mosquitos? Fear not, friend—data scientists and the bug repellant brand Off have come together to provide a tool that predicts mosquito populations via machine algorithm and live weather data.

Inside the metaverse meetups that let people share on death, grief, and pain | MIT Technology Review
"Welcome to “Death Q&A,” a space with a unique combination of anonymity and togetherness, where avatars discuss what weighs on them most heavily."
MIT Technology Review
MJ Petroni

Death and grieving are thorny topics that are difficult for many people to process, especially in the frenetic age of social media and compounding economy- and pandemic-related stress. However, in the midst of this chaos, a new venue for coming together, metaverse technologies have given people a new place to come together and process grief—even if they can't leave their beds.