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What does Wide AI mean?

Concept: Wide AI. Go Back to Glossary. Select any number of buttons on the left to see varieties of data sources available for analysis. Definition. Wide AI.

What does Business Model Canvas mean?

A practical, widely-applied tool for mapping the essentials of a business model, created by Strategyzer. "The Business Model Canvas really helped me see my business as a whole, without getting distracted by the details.". Causeit, Inc.

From Push to Pull | Exponential Brands Guidebook

Messages were designed for wide audiences and went in one direction only: out. The publishers and reporters didn’t know when or if you were reading the morning newspaper. When you talked back at the TV news, the broadcaster couldn’t hear you.

Causeit Guide to Digital Fluency

Apple TV+ provides top-quality original content, unlike streaming services or cable subscriptions that serve up content of widely varying quality (some original, some third-party) which may be overwhelming to navigate.

Shifting Our Thinking For Remote Work | Rethinking Remote Guidebook

However, unlike an analog whiteboard, that canvas can be infinitely wide and tall, and zoomed far in and way out, to allow a lot of ideas to co-exist.

Intro to Business Models

It is a practical, widely-applied tool for mapping the essentials of a business model without getting mired in detail, and we will reference a few terms from that model to avoid confusion. Partners.

Introduction to Development Operations | The Digital Factory

Before the DevOps approach was widely implemented, both established organizations and startups struggled to update and upgrade software at scale.