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What does Citizen Developer mean?

An employee or other user who builds business apps for themselves using low-code or no-code tools and who doesn't have formal training in computer programming.

What does Dashboards (Automated) mean?

"During meetings, the software team leader would often show a project management dashboard that displayed the current backlog of programming tasks and the team's velocity in finishing them.". Causeit, Inc.

What does Code (Computer Software Code) mean?

Machine-readable, absolute instructions using specific structures and programming languages. "At some point, we need to move from idea to code, or we'll never be able to put this in front of users.". Causeit, Inc.

What does Container mean?

Lightweight packages of application code along with just the things the application specifically depends on, such as specific versions of programming languages and libraries required to run a component of software being programmed.

Tech Stacks

A tech stack refers to a collection of tools used to accomplish a broad or specific purpose, including front- and back-end tools, common functions, programming languages, datasets, applications/programs, APIs and other methods of connection outside the stack

Introduction to Tech Stacks

Programming languages. Datasets (or links to external or common datasets), usually in the form of databases. Applications or programs. APIs and other methods of connection outside the stack. If that seems intimidating, don't panic.

Introduction to the Data Supply Chain | Data Supply Chain Guidebook

Programs: algorithms converted to programming languages; sometimes called applications. Computational thinking is a mindset that allows machines and humans to work together to solve real-world problems.

Outcome Monitoring and Discovering Harm | Data Ethics Guidebook

This will enable empathy for users to be systematized into actionable updates of practices and programming. Forensic analysis.

Introduction to Development Operations | The Digital Factory

Open-source software is developed by many different parties for various reasons and often serves as a 'common core' function for other software (such as PHP, which powers many website servers, and Python, a programming language used by data scientists).

Introduction to the Digital Factory | The Digital Factory

Through a blend of. design thinking, lean business, agile. programming, and development operations (. DevOps. ), digital factories work to quickly produce digital offerings.