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What does Product (in Product Management and DevOps) mean?

Glossary Entry: Product (in Product Management and DevOps). Go Back to Glossary. Product (in Product Management and DevOps). A bundle of resources and functions that solve a problem for a user or customer.

What does Product Management mean?

Glossary Entry: Product Management. Go Back to Glossary. Product Management. Product Management involves balancing business goals with user needs to develop a product that is relevant, feasible, and valuable.

What does Product Stage mean?

Glossary Entry: Product Stage. Go Back to Glossary. Product Stage.

What does Product Requirements Document (PRD) mean?

Glossary Entry: Product Requirements Document (PRD). Go Back to Glossary. Product Requirements Document (PRD). A document that details what a specific product will be able to do in terms of key functions and features.

Introduction to the Digital Factory | The Digital Factory

DevOps. ), digital factories work to quickly produce digital offerings. They start with a Minimum Viable Products (MVP), an early version of a product that launches with just enough functionality to meet customers' needs.

Mindshifts | Narrative Guidebook

Your narrative can help people make the right shifts in mindset to understand how new digital products and business models connect to previous ways of doing things, and why change is required. Help people make the leap.

Introduction to Development Operations | The Digital Factory

Productization. Productization refers to the transformation of assets, skills, processes, ideas, technologies, data, and/or networks into a marketable offering (a product). This process is usually overseen by a. Product Manager.

What does Lean Development mean?

A software development approach that emphasizes efficiency by creating minimum viable products for testing and iteration, instead of trying to create a perfect product before users try it.

What does Design Thinking mean?

A human-centered approach to innovation that focuses on understanding the problems and goals of potential customers or users as a method of defining and testing new product ideas.

What does Information Technology (IT) mean?

"IT used to mean the people I'd call when my work computer froze up, but now tech is part of most of our products and customer interactions; I know the board considered creating a 'digital' team to separate out IT's product efforts from utility functions.".