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What does Narrow AI mean?

Glossary Entry: Narrow AI. Go Back to Glossary. Narrow AI. Narrow AIs are focused on a particular area of expertise or limited scope. Other terms for narrow AI are 'artificial narrow intelligence' or 'weak AI.'.

What does Industry-Specific AI mean?

Creation of narrow or focused artificial intelligences for use in a specific industry (like BloombergGPT's 50-billion-parameter finance model) or domain (like FoodUDT-1B, which has a billion food-specific parameters).

What does Wide AI mean?

Contrasts to narrow AI, which is purpose-specific. "OpenAI's ChatGPT tool can be thought of as a wide AI because it can handle almost any human language prompt.". Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

Introduction to Machines That Learn | Machines That Learn Guidebook

Such a system on its own does not 'learn' or adapt but can help narrow down potential articles to read or suggest actions for the 'patient' who is visiting the website.

What does Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) mean?

Full artificial intelligence capable of learning or understanding any intellectual task of humans or animals instead of just narrow use cases like scheduling appointments.

How Principles Work | Principles Guidebook

Nested principles are context-dependent versions of a core principle when applied to narrower use cases or specific groups.

Use | Data Supply Chain Guidebook

Plaid provides several narrow financial data services, often referred to generically as microservices. Each function does just one thing, but it does it well and quickly.

Introduction to Tech Stacks

Scope of your project: Is this a narrow, one-time project, or something which may grow and evolve over time? Stacks need to be able to grow as demands increase, but choosing.

Introduction to Machine Coworkers

More advanced. machine coworkers that 'learn' and 'think. ' (machine learning and artificial intelligence) can even help us find patterns or narrow variables in very challenging systems, like the human genome or traffic patterns.

Getting Started with Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is different from other, more narrow forms of change because it focuses on the whole 'system' of a business and its surroundings.