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What does Lean Development mean?

Concept: Lean Development. Go Back to Glossary. Select any number of buttons on the left to see varieties of data sources available for analysis. Definition. Lean Development.

Creating a Digital Factory

The Digital Factory, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Rapidly build and improve software with methods like lean, agile and DevOps. Description.

What does Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)  mean?

"Originally, our developers' software development life cycle was focused on long-term, well-defined functions; since it didn't always account for how quickly we have to change things in today's market, we've also added in lean development and other approaches

The AI & Digital Fluency Guide

Machines That Learn. Discover mechanisms by which machines can learn. Read the Guidebook. Data Ethics. Engage in data-centric innovation in a consistent, responsible way. Read the Guidebook. Creating Value with Data.

How Principles Work | Principles Guidebook

In other words, instead of telling people what to do, your goal is to lead by giving them the clarity to decide on their own what to do. Principles for aligned decisions.

Machines That Learn

Machines That Learn

Machines That Learn. Explore the possibilities—and limits—of machines that adapt and think. Read First Chapter.

Machines That Learn

Introduction to Machines That Learn | Machines That Learn Guidebook

Chapter 1 | Machines That Learn Guidebook. Introduction to Machines That Learn. By MJ Petroni. Click Here to return to Data: Table of Contents. Artificial Intelligence.