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What does Automatic Code Generators (ACG) mean?

"Github's Copilot X goes beyond traditional automatic code generators to not just recall common functions, but synthesize new code.". Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

What does AI Code Assistant mean?

OpenAI's Codex and Github's Copilot are two examples of code assistants. "Using Codex allowed us to spot bugs in our web app quickly and patch them even though our usual developer was away on leave.". Causeit, Inc.

Generative AI: Build, Buy or Partner? | Digital Fluency Guide

Github. seemingly overnight, while Google follows far behind (at least for now). Closely partnering with (or acquiring) external companies has an advantage if they come pre-equipped with tools, personnel, experience, and potentially a customer base.

Introduction to Development Operations | The Digital Factory

The most popular is Github, but others, including Bitbucket and Gitlab are also widely used. Test. The Test stage verifies that the software functions properly and as expected by users. Testing can be manual or automated.