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What does DevOps mean?

Glossary Entry: DevOps. Go Back to Glossary. DevOps. A software development cycle that allows companies to produce, release, and monitor iterative software updates on vastly reduced timetables, compared to traditional development cycles.

Introduction to Development Operations (DevOps), a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Introduction to Development Operations (DevOps). Strategies & Tools For Modern Software Development. Description.

What does Product (in Product Management and DevOps) mean?

Glossary Entry: Product (in Product Management and DevOps). Go Back to Glossary. Product (in Product Management and DevOps). A bundle of resources and functions that solve a problem for a user or customer.

The Digital Factory, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Rapidly build and improve software with methods like lean, agile and DevOps. Description.

Introduction to Development Operations | The Digital Factory

The DevOps Cycle. DevOps is a continuous cycle, often depicted as an infinity symbol, where the 'final' stage connects to the 'first', to emphasize the continuing nature of the process. The stages in DevOps are: Plan. Code & Assemble. Build. Test.

Creating a Digital Factory, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

How digital factories operate throughout the seasons of innovationThe power of development operations (DevOps)Metrics for digital factoriesThe connection between digital factories and networked leadership. ​. Details. Related Content. AI Explorer's Forum.

The AI & Digital Fluency Guide

Introduction to DevOps. Strategies & Tools For Modern Software Development. Read the Guidebook. The Changing Nature of IT. Rethink the role of digital technologies in established organizations. Read the Guidebook. The Digital Factory.

What does Epic mean?

Collections of User Stories, usually grouped according to theme as part of a feedback loop in Agile development and Devops. "The team grouped all the user stories relating to how users searched for data into an epic.". Heading. What’s a Rich Text element?

What does Toolchain mean?

"Creating updates for our software products is so much faster and more reliable now that we use a consistent DevOps toolchain to develop and test new versions before release, make sure they are secure, and monitor their performance.”. Heading.