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What does Cyborg mean?

Glossary Entry: Cyborg. Go Back to Glossary. Cyborg. The merging of organic and inorganic, or human and machine, to create a third type of entity. Cyborgs feature in science fiction (like Robocop).

What does Cyborg Anthropologist mean?

Glossary Entry: Cyborg Anthropologist. Go Back to Glossary. Cyborg Anthropologist. A person who uses the mental model of a human-machine 'cyborg' to study the impact of technology on individuals, cultures, and the planet.

Creating Your Online Office: Rethinking 'Remote', a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Join culture experts and cyborg anthropologists (!) from Causeit as we share findings from the field, best practices and easy first steps to shifting 'working from home' from a morale-killer to an opportunity for culture transformation. ​. Details.

Rethinking Online Events: Going Beyond “Dialing In”, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Join engagement facilitators and cyborg anthropologists (!) from Causeit as we share new thinking & best practices and help you create your own 'principles for great virtual meetings.'. Details. Related Content. AI Explorer's Forum.

The Ethics of Exponential Tech (like AI, ChatGPT, and DALL-E), a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Cyborg anthropologist MJ Petroni guides us through the ethical possibilities and threats of advanced tech—including the risk of not innovating. Learning Outcomes.

Queering Tech, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

CTO Megan Smith, into the trailblazing future of Queer metaverses and cyborg gender.

Will Generative AI Help or Hurt Jobs | Digital Fluency Guide

As a cyborg anthropologist, I have seen this ‘point/counterpoint’ play out repeatedly. In the past, it was mostly theoretical. Now it’s quite real. The question is not if generative AI like ChatGPT will affect jobs and productivity.

Introduction to Informed Consent and Doing No Harm | Data Ethics Guidebook

Cyborg Anthropologist and CEO, Causeit, Inc. Jessica Long. Cyborg Anthropologist, Causeit, Inc, Contributors. Steven C. Tiell. Senior Principal—Digital Ethics. Accenture Labs. Harrison Lynch. Accenture Labs. Additional Contribution from Scott L. David.

Dispose | Data Supply Chain Guidebook

Since whole disciplines of cybersecurity are devoted to securing data, those with no interest in cyber-security might find it helpful to consider one key concept: centralization vs. federation.

Outcome Monitoring and Discovering Harm | Data Ethics Guidebook

To think critically and spot potential harms to users, employees must have a working knowledge of how data moves and is transformed, how cyber-security breaches threaten data (and users), and what end-users expected and consented their data could be used for