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What does AI Code Assistant mean?

Glossary Entry: AI Code Assistant. Go Back to Glossary. AI Code Assistant. A tool that allows users (such as software developers) to generate some or all of the code needed to make a program work, increasing the accuracy and velocity of coding efforts.

What does Code (Computer Software Code) mean?

Glossary Entry: Code (Computer Software Code). Go Back to Glossary. Code (Computer Software Code). Machine-readable, absolute instructions using specific structures and programming languages.

What does Code quality (Computer Software Code) mean?

Glossary Entry: Code quality (Computer Software Code). Go Back to Glossary. Code quality (Computer Software Code).

What does No-Code or Low-Code Development mean?

Glossary Entry: No-Code or Low-Code Development. Go Back to Glossary. No-Code or Low-Code Development. A way to connect reusable modules together to create programs or automation with little or no software coding skills.

What does Code Repository mean?

Glossary Entry: Code Repository. Go Back to Glossary. Code Repository. A directory, local or remote, that holds the code being worked on, in various versions, as well as documentation and notes.

What does Automatic Code Generators (ACG) mean?

Glossary Entry: Automatic Code Generators (ACG). Go Back to Glossary. Automatic Code Generators (ACG). Automatic Code Generators (ACG) suggest code and functions in real time so that developers can see errors swiftly.

What does No-Code API Integrator mean?

Glossary Entry: No-Code API Integrator. Go Back to Glossary. No-Code API Integrator.

What does Code Repository Manager (Tool) mean?

Glossary Entry: Code Repository Manager (Tool). Go Back to Glossary. Code Repository Manager (Tool). A server whose function is receiving code updates to a repository and distributing builds.

No-Code Tools, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

No-Code Tools. Integrating and experimenting with cloud compute, datasets, and APIs without being a coder. Description.

Sample 365-Day Plan for Data Ethics | Data Ethics Guidebook

prepared sample 100- and 365-day plans to get you and your team started on data ethics. 100-Day Plan: Over the next three months, these are the actions you can take to improve your informed consent practices and minimize potential harm: Evaluate existing ethics codes