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What does Chatbot mean?

Glossary Entry: Chatbot. Go Back to Glossary. Chatbot. A text-based interface with a machine using human language, often for the purposes of user or customer support.

What does Reinforcement Learning (in AI) mean?

Reinforcement Learning (in AI). a type of machine learning where an AI agent (such as a generative AI chatbot) learns to make better decisions to achieve a goal like 'sounding human.'

What does Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) in Generative AI mean?

"Our chatbot was confidently giving incorrect answers to our patients.

What does Knowledge Graph (in Data and AI) mean?

"As we built our movie chatbot, we created a knowledge graph of all the movies available at our library, cross-referenced in many different ways, like what kind of story they told.". Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

What does Gradient Descent mean?

"We used gradient descent and user feedback to tune the model to find the answer most likely to please people using the chatbot.". Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

What does Data Contract mean?

"When we partnered with another company to process our user's inputs into our chatbot, we had to set up data contracts to make sure our users' privacy preferences were honored and that their data stayed in the right legal jurisdictions.". Causeit, Inc.

What does ChatGPT mean?

Glossary Entry: ChatGPT. Go Back to Glossary. ChatGPT. An AI language model developed by OpenAI, used for natural language processing tasks, such as generating human-like text responses to prompts. (ChatGPT wrote this definition of itself.).

What is steerable AI, why does it matter and, how do you build it? | Digital Fluency Guide

But text-based prompts are hard for everyday users to organize and store for consistent use, and many tools, like ChatGPT, currently do not have "prompt libraries" or "prompt chain builders" built-in.

Machines That Learn: AI, ML, LLMs, ChatGPT and More, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Machines That Learn: AI, ML, LLMs, ChatGPT and More. Discover mechanisms by which machines can learn. Description.

A Chat with ChatGPT: The Implications of Conversational AI, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

A Chat with ChatGPT: The Implications of Conversational AI. The business and social implications of conversational AIs. Description. Special guest ChatGPT joins us! Would you hire ChatGPT or Bard?