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What does Bard (Google) mean?

Concept: Bard (Google). Go Back to Glossary. Select any number of buttons on the left to see varieties of data sources available for analysis. Definition. Bard (Google).

Generative AI in the Enterprise, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Conversational AIs like ChatGPT, BARD, and others seem to be in every headline and LinkedIn post today.

A Chat with ChatGPT: The Implications of Conversational AI, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Would you hire ChatGPT or Bard? Conversational, generative AIs are like super-knowledgeable coworkers promising massive benefits.

From Push to Pull | Exponential Brands Guidebook

Barn raising. Rural communities in the United States have a tradition of communal building called a "barn raising". When someone needs a new barn or house, they just gather as a community with their skills and tools and make a building together.

Mindshifts | Narrative Guidebook

People don’t let go of the old bar until there’s a new one within reach. The problem isn’t getting them to learn or accept something new, it’s helping them. unlearn. something they already know.

Unlearning Mental Models | Thinking For A Digital Era Guidebook

In this analogy, the first bar is the existing mental model, the fraying rope represents the forces that are making it obsolete, and the new bar is the new mental model.