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Data Supply Chain

Quantum Computing, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Learn about the current state of quantum computing, its potential applications, and when to apply traditional binary computing vs. quantum. Learning Outcomes.

What does Application (App) mean?

Concept: Application (App). Go Back to Glossary. Select any number of buttons on the left to see varieties of data sources available for analysis. Definition. Application (App).

What does Software Development Kit (SDK) mean?

A set of digital tools and components provided by a company for use by third-party developers who want to make applications that are compatible with a specific platform, operating system or framework.

What does Auto-GPT mean?

Auto-GPT is a code library which can be used to connect generative AI tools to everyday work (like navigating the web and using applications). The Auto-GPT agent(s) set up by users can then automate tasks ranging from simple actions to content creation.

Key Cloud Value Propositions, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Get familiar with different applications of 'cloud' in digital business See how various uses of cloud technology enable new value and capabilities Understand key terms 'lift and shift' and 'cloud native.'. Details. Related Content. Causeit, Inc.

Introduction to Machine Learning, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Differentiate between various types of machine learningGet familiar with the main practical applications of machine learningUnderstand what's realistic to expect from machine learning tech now and in the near future. ​. Details. Related Content.

Tech Stacks

A tech stack refers to a collection of tools used to accomplish a broad or specific purpose, including front- and back-end tools, common functions, programming languages, datasets, applications/programs, APIs and other methods of connection outside the stack

A Chat with ChatGPT: The Implications of Conversational AI, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Understand how LLMs (Large Language Models) 'learn'—or don'tExplore early, disruptive applications of conversational AIsDiscuss what's realistic to expect from machine learning tech now and in the near future. Details. Related Content. Causeit, Inc.

Distributed Ledger Technologies, a Talk/Keynote/Workshop

Learn about the building blocks of DLT, its applications inside and outside finance and how to think about DLT-backed opportunities. Learning Outcomes.