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What does User Acceptance Testing (UAT) mean?

"The team thought they were done with the 'save' dialog box until they got to UAT and found that it didn't show up on Android mobile devices.". Guidebooks. Causeit, Inc. San Francisco, CA. +1.855.228.7348.

Generate Brand Gravity | Exponential Brands Guidebook

How did you choose between iPhone and Android for your smartphone? It probably wasn’t just about the camera's megapixels. Apple and Google have created competing gravity systems.

Introduction to Machines That Learn | Machines That Learn Guidebook

This kind of AI belongs to the realm of futurists and is often found in science fiction, with characters like Wall-E, the android Data. on. Star Trek. , and Ultron in. Marvel. comics.

Multi-Sided Platforms

Apple's iOS and Google's Android paired. users. and. developers. looking for. apps. This meant Airbnb didn't have to build as much technology infrastructure and gained a channel to find new users. Facebook brought together. communities. around. stories.

AI ≠ Automation. Think Augmentation Instead. | Digital Fluency Guide

Later in sci-fi, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the character Data is a very advanced android nearly obsessed with being and acting human, often with dangerous and/or hilarious results. Why?