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What does Algorithm mean?

Glossary Entry: Algorithm. Go Back to Glossary. Algorithm. A series of unambiguous instructions (usually for machines) to process data, make decisions and solve problems.

Analyze | Data Supply Chain Guidebook

Algorithms and Machines that Learn. We've all heard the term 'algorithm', but what does it mean? An algorithm is a step-by-step method for solving a problem, expressed as a series of decisions—like a flow chart or decision tree.

Introduction to Machines That Learn | Machines That Learn Guidebook

Shifting from Spreadsheet to Algorithm. Artificial Intelligence is an excellent example of technology that is only as useful as the thinking we bring to it.

Introduction to Creating Value with Data | Creating Value with Data Guidebook

Algorithms. Algorithms (mathematical models used for analyzing data) are another way to create value. A lot of energy goes into developing strong algorithms, and the differences in quality are enormous.

Introduction to the Data Supply Chain | Data Supply Chain Guidebook

For example, changing the way we think of. documents from ‘attachments' to links in the cloud. , from data at rest to data in motion. , or from. spreadsheets to algorithms. are examples of shifts in mindsets. Computational Thinking.

What does Digital Twin mean?

This model is built using precise measurements and is usually 'brought to life' with live sensor readings and predictive machine learning algorithms intended to predict aging, performance, failure risks, and other information.

Outcome Monitoring and Discovering Harm | Data Ethics Guidebook

Take the example of the use of algorithms to create risk assessment scores that rate a defendant’s risk of committing future crime.

Introduction to APIs | APIs Guidebook

Algorithms: a series of unambiguous instructions to process data, make decisions and/or solve problems. Programs: algorithms converted to programming languages; sometimes called applications.

What does Pre-Training (in AI)  mean?

For example, well-classified or 'structured' data about an organization's products, a general-purpose image-recognition algorithm, and natural language processing models could all be combined to create a company-specific tool for recognizing or generating images

Use | Data Supply Chain Guidebook

Algorithms. : creating and training steps for machines to use in analyzing other data. Optimization. : improving an organization's operation or a user's experience.