Causeit Experts Program

Contribute to the AI & Digital Fluency Guide and change the conversation about our futures

Causeit offers an expert contributor program for smart folks out to transform the world.

Well, program is perhaps overblown at the moment—we just welcome your contributions with open arms, and bring a solid community and good content skills to the discussion.

When we work with our colleagues around the world, we often invite them to speak in our webinars, co-create content and/or co-distribute. In exchange, our experts get the opportunity to meet great people focused on transforming the world through the wise application of technology to very human problems. Changemakers in their own contexts, our community participates fully, brings a 'beginner's mind' and applies their learnings out in the world. We speak on global stages, intimate online sessions, and through our social channels.

Additionally, we gladly help our experts produce content from these sessions or collaborations which is polished and ready for sharing or integration into their own brand. (We ask that you indicate that we co-created it with you, of course). We also offer our AI Explorer's Forum membership to our collaborators for (a year of the Seeker-level membership).

If you're interested, contact us for more information. Or, if you've been directed here, please complete the linked form below so that we can prepare for our collaborations with you.