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MSP: Community

PATIENTSShare, find and learn: patients can share about their experiences, as well as submit quantified medical data (like health records), biological data (like blood samples) and data about their environment. Currently, PatientsLikeMe says they have over 600,000 members reporting on 2,800+ conditions. Patients have the opportunity to interact with others with the same condition to directly share experiences and data, and can also seek research/clinical trials.PARTNERSPatientsLikeMe partners with “companies that are developing or selling products to patients.” According to the company, these products may include drugs, devices, equipment, insurance, and medical services, with the aim to improve health care. One such partnership was with, where they cross-referenced their data with Walgreens’ drug data.CLINICIANSClinicians are perhaps less-represented on PatientsLikeMe outside of the context of research. There may be opportunities to further that integration for care programs, much in the same way that Apple’s CareKit clinician-liaison infrastructure emerged from ResearchKit, their research-liaison framework.RESEARCHERSResearchers can apply for access to data about their members of PatientsLikeMe, and can partner with PatientsLikeMe to conduct tests, as they did in a trial with The Duke ALS Clinic.

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MSP: Marketplace

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MSP: Data

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