WORKSHOP: Generative AI Accelerator

Preparing Your Company for the Future with AI & Digital Fluency


The world is rapidly pursuing generative AI. Digital transformation has already created a competitive market where businesses must test new, exponential strategies like generative AI/ChatGPT while maintaining incremental business functions to keep the lights on. This three-part workshop (designed for a focused 3-6 hours of facilitation time) will help you and your team quickly engage and launch the first steps toward an exponential, responsible AI strategy.

Digital Fluency: The First Step to AI Readiness

How can we manage this balance between old and new and choose which path to modernization is right for us? To lead our companies in the era of AI, we need to increase our Digital Fluency. Five key areas are critical to focus on: thinking, skills, tools, data, and business models.

Generative & Conversational AI in the Enterprise: New "Machine Coworkers"

We know what a coworker is. But what's a machine coworker? 

Leading organizations are moving beyond just automating rote tasks into an era of using machines to augment human intelligence—especially with new generative AI tools. 

How do we conceive of, coordinate, and partner with machine coworkers? What kind of work is best suited for the union of machines and humans? And what could we create if we had more 'human' capacity in our businesses? Consideration must be given to intellectual property, ethics, regulation, governance, business models, Digital Fluency, and adoption. We'll 'talk' to ChatGPT and each other about how these new technologies can benefit humans—and where to start—with examples from enterprise-ready tools like Writer, OpenAI, and more.

AI Use Case Roadmap, Action Plan and Acceleration Team

AI promises a lot; bringing it into reality is another thing altogether. Firms must balance rapid experimentation with mindful strategy. In this co-creation brainstorm, bring key stakeholders together to practice divergent and emergent thinking about new possibilities and risks and then conclude with convergence on hypotheses to test, tools to find, key pilots to pursue, and the 'critical path' needed to begin. Causeit, Inc. AI subject matter expert and digital transformation facilitator MJ Petroni will work with your team to output a tangible action plan with key roles and next steps.

Learning Outcomes
  • See what an AI future might hold for your work
  • Understand what it means to be digitally fluent through a simple "five pillars" model with easy-to-understand language
  • Explore the AI & Digital Fluency strategies of leading firms 
  • Learn how to quickly launch an AI Readiness & Digital Fluency program and cultivate a network of transformative thinkers inside your business
  • Identify key hypotheses, use cases, pilots and team members
  • Set out an action plan and high-level roadmap towards responsible generative AI adoption


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