Exponential Brands

Shifting from transactions to relationships and tapping into the power of network effects


Successful digital brands are exponential. Rather than pushing messages out through traditional marketing channels, exponential brands pull users and stakeholders into orbit around a shared purpose. These brands achieve exponential growth in the form of social networks and influence, and use exponential technologies to accomplish their goals. 

Learn how to create exponential brands, generate 'brand gravity', and update strategies for the digital age. Leverage the power of network effects, earn loyalty, and provide value through a more holistic model. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify 'push' vs 'pull' brand strategies
  • Distinguish between incremental and exponential brands
  • Understand the difference between 'consumer' and 'co-creator' mindsets 
  • Drive brand gravity and 'stickiness' 
  • Harness network effects and digital tools to earn increased loyalty and 'mindshare'


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