Data Fluency Gaps in Enterprises—and the Impact on AI Strategy

Enterprise data management isn't just about tech stacks—it's about people


Every corner office is filled with conversations about AI strategy, it seems. However, AI in the enterprise is only as good as the data in the company. To get more than incremental gains from AI (and to avoid huge liabilities), companies have to level up their data fluency across the board, not just on data science teams. 

Data fluency in a company means that digital champions, explorers, and makers all can work together to go beyond buzzwords and vaporware into real value creation. In this session, we'll cover what data fluency means in practice, how to get started, and who to include.

Learning Outcomes
  • An accessible 'data supply chain' concept
  • The impact of data supply chains on AI implementation
  • 100- and 365-day goals for data fluency programs
  • The impact of data fluency on AI strategy and integration
  • Common pitfalls and key opportunities for 'a-ha' moments to drive understanding
  • Storylines to help people prioritize enterprise data strategies needed for AI implementation


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Ideal Duration
Maximum Duration

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