10 Questions to Answer in Your Generative AI Strategy

Cut through the hype and ground AI in business realities


Not sure where to start with Generative AI? Raise everyone's AI fluency and set a clear direction by asking the right questions—because no one can establish a perfect destination yet. This tour of AI implications helps participants explore key considerations for mindful yet decisive AI strategies.

Learning Outcomes
  • Where do we use AI for automation vs. augmentation?
  • How do we raise our company's AI fluency?
  • How will we measure the success of AI?
  • Do our customers want AI or not?
  • Who owns and controls the models our AI is based on?
  • What are the intellectual property implications of our AI use?
  • What data is used to train and maintain our large language models?
  • What are the ethical implications of using AI—or not?
  • Are our business and tech systems ready for generative AI?
  • How will generative AI affect our business models, market and competition?


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