Think Like a Futurist

Seeing the bigger picture, for fun and profit


Futurists are big-picture thinkers who are able to scan a vast landscape of possibilities and find relevant trends. Sound like your job, too? Most leaders in established organizations are being asked to predict what’s next for their customers and stakeholders in a world changing at an unprecedented pace. As organizations become increasingly software-based, it is more important than ever to identify and reality-check trends so that you invest resources wisely. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how you could have predicted the impact of ChatGPT
  • Understand key methods by which futurists group and organize trends
  • Spot ‘network effects’—a critical precursor of exponential change
  • Use shifts, spectrums, and polarities to organize information
  • Bridge the future and the present using the ‘horseless carriage’ method to make your findings accessible to others
  • Integrate foresight into the course of your everyday work and professional development


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