Queering Tech

Thinking beyond binaries


Queer people have created and transformed modern technology, from Alan Turing to Apple CEO Tim Cook and former U.S. CTO Megan Smith, into the trailblazing future of Queer metaverses and cyborg gender. Learn Queer strategies to guide sound design & security based on deconstructing and recombining systems, challenging rules, transforming interfaces, and re/creating identity—and how that can inform UX and CX, data ethics, and other critical tech responsibilities.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand Queer as a school of thought beyond the demographics of sexual orientation or gender 
  • Explore the idea of “Queering” something (to deconstruct, assess, and recombine its elements—often in new ways and with startling results, as we're seeing with generative/conversational AI like ChatGPT)
  • See the importance of Digital Fluency in Queer communities—and Queer fluency in tech communities
  • Learn what Queer people do with tech and what it can teach designers (about power, [secret] communication, avatars, counterpublics, hacktivism, and online worlds like the metaverse)
  • Discuss the correlation between the density of LGBTQ+ people in geographical innovation hubs—and the hidden risks of relocation of tech to less-LGBTQ welcoming geographies



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