No-Code Tools

Integrating and experimenting with cloud compute, datasets, and APIs without being a coder


Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and cloud-based data offer exciting new opportunities to 'remix' and 'mash up' different tools and data sets to create new value. However, many everyday users have no way to do that without learning to code. 

In the last few years, several no-code development tools have appeared. These tools allow logical connections of data sets and machine processing without knowing code, letting lay, non-technical users turn their ideas into reality.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand what no-code tools do
  • The high-level relationship between APIs, cloud computing and cloud data
  • How to think about no-code development tools
  • Common no-code tools available to individuals, small and large businesses
  • The limits of no-code tools


Minimum Duration
Ideal Duration
Maximum Duration

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