How Digital Business Models Work

Creating value with ideas and networks


Business models of the analog era are still going strong, creating value with things (or assets) and people (or services). Now, exponentially-increasing value is being created with ideas (intellectual property, technologies, and data) and networks (of people, machines, or both). 

Learn about the connections between the many ways to create value, and how new thinking and digital technologies are reshaping the world as we know it.

Learning Outcomes
  • The importance of exchange and reciprocity
  • The difference between incremental and exponential value and why digital businesses tend to have higher valuations
  • Core ways value is created (common business models):
    • Things (or assets)
    • People (services)
    • Ideas (intellectual property, technologies, and data)
    • Networks (of people, machines, or both)


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Ideal Duration
Maximum Duration

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