Generative AI in Culture, Art and Education

From chats to creations


Generative AI tools go beyond Q&A with ChatGPT. Major brands like Adobe, Shutterstock and Canva are joining the ranks of labs like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Deep Agency to revolutionize how everyday people can bring their ideas to life in illustration, 3D worlds, video and music. Education is also confronted by the possibilities and risks of generative AI tools for research assistance, writing support, and more. How do we think through the impact of entire creative and education domains suddenly undergoing an explosion of content? And what will our culture value most about education and art as these fields transform? 

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn about key tools disrupting education and art fields
  • Try on new mental models for thinking about generative AI 
  • Explore new interpretations of familiar concepts 'creativity,' 'art,' and 'learning'
  • See tangible examples of generative AI tools and their outputs—including those you can explore now
  •  Prepare yourself and your colleagues with 'what' and 'now what' discussion prompts you can apply immediately


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