Digital Fluency in Healthcare

Upgrading thinking to upgrade outcomes


From hospital-at-home and virtual care programs to transparent pricing and data-driven business strategies, digital technologies are changing how the industry works. To ensure continued success in our always-connected future, organizations in the sector must upgrade their thinking as well as their equipment.

Smart wearables, implants, nanotech, and robotics will take us even further, with the potential to realize a truly personalized, patient-centered experience based on the same values of care and trust we prize today.

Join us for a lively and engaging session where we'll learn about the emerging technologies and the evolving mindsets needed to bring a more collaborative, personalized, and always-connected future to the healthcare industry.

Learning a few buzzwords and the odd bit of jargon might have been enough in the past, but becoming the industry leaders of tomorrow requires a deeper Digital Fluency across five pillars: thinking, skills, tools, data, and business models.

Learning Outcomes
  • How data is transforming health—from startups to enterprises
  • Exponential tech in health, like conversational/generative AI (ChatGPT) and AR/VR/the metaverse
  • Key questions for decision-makers and patients
  • Roadmaps for upping Digital Fluency in established organizations


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