COVID-19 Means Rethinking Online Events: Going Beyond “Dialing In”

More than webcams and wifi: Level up your online events


CORONAVIRUS MEAN YOU NEED TO MOVE YOUR LARGE EVENT ONLINE? HERE’S HOW TO DO MORE THAN ‘CONFERENCE TV.’Many organizations are moving away from in-person meetings. The reasons for this trend include ecological sustainability, a desire for increased total attendance, travel logistics challenges and costs, pandemics or other health concerns, disruption to regular work, and life/work balance. But most organizations—and external presenters, facilitators, consultants and coaches—don’t do well with digital ‘telepresence,’ or replicating the richness of in-person experiences.Join engagement facilitators and cyborg anthropologists (!) from Causeit as we share new thinking & best practices and help you create your own 'principles for great virtual meetings.'

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