Machine Coworkers

How to rethink digital tools for modern workplaces


We know what a coworker is. But what's a machine coworker? Leading organizations are moving beyond just automating rote tasks into an era of augmenting human intelligence with machines. How do we conceive of, coordinate, and partner with machine coworkers? What kind of work is best suited for the union of machines and humans? And what could we create if we had more 'human' capacity in our businesses?

Learning Outcomes
  • A new way to think about machines in business: 'machine coworkers'
  • The connection between thinking styles and machine coworkers
  • Current digital capabilities which map to human thinking styles
  • Practical tools for creating machine coworkers
  • How robotic process automation, machine learning, and related tech trends enable 'machine coworkers'
  • The relationship of AI and quantum computing to the next generations of machine coworkers; what it means for jobs, and the nature of human work


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